8 Pounds of Pot Found in Bengals' Player's Home

Marijuana Shipment Tracked to Player's Home 1 of 1

Thursday, September 22, 2011


State narcotics agents tracked a shipment of 2.5 pounds of marijuana Wednesday all the way to the front door of Bengals' wide receiver Jerome Simpson. Authorities described it as a controlled delivery. Simpson was present, as well as Bengals teammate Anthony Collins.

Once the police were inside the home they found six more pounds of marijuana as well as other empty packages, scales and packing material. It is believed that the house was set up as a large scale marijuana distribution network.

Both men were questioned, but arrests have yet to be made. The Bengals' reputation is already tarnished this season; they did not need another scandal. This also begs the question, "Why?" Why would players already making a large amount of money to play football decide that dealing drugs was wise decision? Nothing has been confirmed thus far, but it doesn't look good for the two Bengals players.


Jake Monroe -ChaCha Sports