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Can i get laid



In bed with silk or satin sheets. In bed with rose petals all over.On the beach at night. In your lover's childhood room while their parents are home. Outside in the rain.In a hot tub.On the deck of a yacht during a full moon.Under a rainbow.

Ivor Acevedo

Yes. The magic 8 ball said that you will get laid tonight. Good luck on that.

Cedric Hays

If you try really hard you can! Just be yourself. Can I help you with anything else?

You can get laid in your bed.

Find a willing partner and a private place and you are all set. Usually a bedroom is a nice place, but use your imagination!

Stephanie Venturini

I asked the Magic 8 Ball if you can get laid and it said, "Yes!" Is there anything else tonight? Take care out there.

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