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Do boys have periods?

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Samuel Peterson

There is a male period, but it's nothing like that of the female menstrual cycle. Males experience hormonal shifts and imbalances.

No, only women get periods, caused by the uterus shedding its lining. Men do not have anything like a uterus, so no period.

Gregory Bullins

Boys do not have periods.The blood is the uterus lining when it got ready for a baby and will shed when implanting doesn't happen.

Boys can have periods only if they have a uterus, ovaries, and the correct amount of estrogen and progestrone.

Only girls have a "period". Boys puberty consists of; deepening of their voice and hair growth.

Christopher Donald

No, boys don't have periods. They go through different changes from girls that signal the beginning of puberty.

Louis Cloud

No the menstrual cycle is only for women.

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Do boys have periods?

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