Do dream catchers really work

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Joshua peck

In the native American culture they believe it works. Not just for nightmares, but positive dreams. Having one over your bed and multiple in your house is a sign of good luck. My mother swears by it. My mom and dad are both part native American. We can't see dreams except in our mind, many will never see spirits or the divine, but we believe.

Ashleigh Okios

The truth is, if you believe in something, even if they don't work in reality, it tends to work for you. If you believe the dream catcher is gonna take away your bad dreams, it'll definitely work only cause you believe it will

Helen Greene

A lot of people will instantly dismiss the idea as not possible.
I heard that good dreams are sure to come along if you hang a dream catcher above your bed.

Samuel Busby

Looks like people believe that they work. There was a story about a man who hung it above his head and his bad dreams stopped.

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Do dream catchers really work

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