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Does Jay-Z worship the devil

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Stephanie Schiller

Jay-Z does not worship the devil, he believes in God, but does not align himself with a denominational Church, such as the Catholic Church, or a Lutheran Church. He does believe in God though.

Negative. Those rumors were shot down by Jay-Z. He believes in a spiritual relationship outside the confines of "religion".

Cynthia Arreola

No. "I'm more spiritual than organized religion. I have a personal relationship with God." - Jay Z

Andrea Swan

Jay-Z has said that he does not worship the devil. He has said he is spiritual and has a personal relationship with

Loraine Gioia

Jay-Z has a personal relationship with God. I believe in karma, I believe in cause and effect but religion,

Cassie Stanley

Jay-Z denies any allegations of being a devil worshiper, he says that is nonsense. Thanks for texting

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Does Jay-Z worship the devil

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