Do you like cats

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Yes I do! I have a Japanese Bobtail cat, and a Calico cat. I hope to get an Abyssinian cat soon.

Ada wen

Yes,I do. I have a black dog, it is very cute, I like it very much!

izzy peterson

I love cats. I have a Himalayan

Cassie Sn

Yes, I enjoy cats. I have 2, and I love how affectionate they are!

gabriela cavalier

Yes I have a Bengal cat

Jason Glassburn

Of course!

Marie Youngcain

No, I do not like cats, I do not like any animal in the house.

I do like cats--I have two of them, and I think they're perfect pets for someone who lives in an apartment.

We have 3 cats and 1 dog, we love the animals at our house, how about you?

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Do you like cats

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