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How can i make my horse lay down?

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Horses rarely lay down on their own, and usually they do it when there is a horse near by. When they feel safe, they will relax and lay down. Observe the horse to see when it lies down on its own (such as after a long ride). Try to simulate those same conditions. Make sure your horse has a large area in which to lie down. Praise the horse when it lies down.Keep a regular schedule and allow the horse to move at its own pace. In the long-term, this will help build a bond between you and the horse.

Camille Gould

# Choose an area with plenty of room when you teach a horse to lie down. This will help to reduce the chance on injury if the horse looses its footing on the way down or shifts too far backwards when completing the maneuver. Use a halter and lead to teach your horse to lie down. Grab the lead rope and bring it around to the side of the horse, behind its neck, to the spot where you are standing. Steady the horse and keep it still by placing your hands on the animal's shoulders.

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How can i make my horse lay down?

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