How can i speed up my metabolism ?

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David Mathews

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Feryl Granger

The best ways to speed up your metabolism, you should start off with what you eat. Most people adapt to bad eating habits. Eating whole grains helps a lot. Along with fruits vegies, mainly healthy food. Another thing you should focus on is cardio exercising. Such as jump-roping, jogging, riding bikes, etc. Being more physically healthy, and mentally knowing how to stay healthy will keep your metabolism at a good rate, and your body will feel great!

Feryl Granger

The best way is to eat complex carbohydrates. Stuff like whole grain penne , barley , etc. Whole grain is good to speed up your digestive system.
Also do a lot of cardiovascular work outs. Which is like running, jogging, jump-roping, etc.

archie verhart

Eat soft food and drink water. Exercise is good but the right food is better.

The best way to jump-start your metabolism is to exercise. Thanks for using Cha Cha!

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How can i speed up my metabolism ?

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