How do fishes sleep?

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Sparkle kardashian

Fish do sleep! When they sleep, their eyes remain open, though, because of the whole "no eyelids" thing. When they sleep, they just kind of float in one spot in the tank.

Susan Cantrell

Many fish "rest" or "sleep" during the day and are active at night instead, but almost all fish sleep. Most do it under a log or in a corner where they are undisturbed. They just become very still.

Most all fish do not sleep, they just spend time in an energy-saving state that can be called "rest".

Louis Cloud

Fish-sleep is different. However, all fish rest in a shutdown mode and recuperate like us periodically.

Fish become less aware of their surroundings but their brain waves do not change, and they do not exhibit REM sleep.

Kristine Vangeloff

Fish actually rest more than actually sleeping. Many fish, like Bass and perch, rest on or under logs at night.

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How do fishes sleep?

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