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How do you get bed bugs?More.

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Bed bugs enter the home as stowaways in luggage or furniture. Be wary of furniture that has an unknown history or spent some time outside. You should consider treating if you can find live bed bugs on the item in question.

Poor sanitary conditions results in higher infestation. Bed bugs can be found in areas where birds or mammals have nests. These nests can be close to homes and they can be easily transferred from the animals to human homes.

Jamie Metellus

Bed bugs are usually passed on via people & infected linens. If the mattress is expensive, consult an exterminator, otherwise toss

Used furniture, particularly bed frames and mattresses, are of greatest risk of harboring bed bugs and their eggs.

Elijah Buckley

Do not buy used furniture, or at least do not bring them into your home until youhave inspected them for any signs of bed bugs

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How do you get bed bugs?More.

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