How do you rid get of pimples

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Allanah Ramirez

Using medication, over the counter or prescription, will dry out the oil. If you pop a pimple, you will see the head, white or black, and oil.

frannie mascagni

Lemon juice, dab a bit on the affected areas and wait twenty minutes. You should start to feel it on your face if you move that part of your face. Rinse that part of your face. Your done and the zit should be gone:)

Renee Beene

This sounds weird but hand sanitizer or tooth paste!

Debra Billings

1. Salt the water thoroughly -- much more than you think it needs.2. Dip one cotton ball in the salt water.3. Wait for 30 - 60 seconds.4. Squeeze out excess water out until it is damp, but not dripping.5. Place the damp cotton ball over it..6. Glance at your watch/clock. Wait exactly three minutes.7. Remove the cotton ball after the time is up. The zit seems to be nearly gone, but it is only the top that has dissolved. Your acne is still there.8. Take the other two cotton balls and place them on either side of the despised pimple.9. Slowly, move them closer together until the tiny bump is flattened.

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How do you rid get of pimples

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