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How do you undress a girl?

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To undress a woman, unbutton the shirt buttons, unsnap the bra, unzip the pants and remove all articles of clothing. It's a snap!

Pearl Yamada

To strip a girl, first get her permission. If she agrees, slowly begin to take each article of her clothing off until she is naked

Lars Austin

First make sure you have the girl's permission. Than slowly begin taking off her clothes one by one until she is naked.

Jeremy Toliver

You can follow this site and it will show you.

Sasha Matchett

The best way is to slowly start by removing her clothes on top, then the ones on bottom. You’re now on Claus’ ‘Good’ list!

Slowly remove her top and then after you remove her bra, lay her down and remove her pants then Take off her underwear. Cha!.

Start off slow, and don't rush. Make sure that she is comfortable, and start with the big pieces first.

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How do you undress a girl?

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