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How does "Winter's Bone" end?

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Isabell Horseman

In Winter's Bone, Angry Woman visits Ree, who greets her with a rifle; she tells Ree that she can solve her problems by taking her to her father’s body. Forced to leave the gun behind & wear a blindfold, she gets in the car, and Angry Woman & three others drive her to a desolate place. They take off her blindfold & take a chainsaw out of the trunk & take her into the woods. They go out on a boat; Angry Woman tells Ree to reach into the water & pull up Dad’s body. Ree is able to grab the Dad’s hand; Angry Woman tells her to cut it off with the chainsaw, but Ree can’t do it, so Angry Woman does while Ree cries silently.

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How does "Winter's Bone" end?

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