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How far is neptune from the earth?

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Neptune is the closest to Earth at 2.68 billion miles. I hope that helps!

Neptune is 4.3 billion km (2.68 billion miles) away from Earth.

Neptune has a minimum distance from Earth at about 4.3 billion km, which equals 2.68 billion miles.

Rahim Miranda

Neptune is approximately 4.4 billion km away from the Earth.

Neptune is currently 29.908 AU from earth. One AU equals 93 million miles.

The distance between Earth and Neptune would be just over 31 AU (Astronomical Unit).

Neptune is about 4.49 billion km or 2.79 billion miles from the earth. It is the eight planet from the sun.

Amos Tyson

Neptune is 2.7 billion miles from Earth and cannot be seen from Earth without a telescope. Thank you for asking

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How far is neptune from the earth?

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