Is coffee bad for you

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Marilyn Mojica

Whether percolated coffee is healthy for you will depend on your medical history and the types of coffee you drink. For sensitive individuals, caffeinated coffee can cause negative side effects.

Denise Washington

Coffee consumption lowers the risk of kidney stones formation. Coffee increases the urine volume, preventing the crystallization of calcium oxalate, the most common component of kidney stones. Remember- everything in moderation though.

jeanette fulkerson

Coffee in moderation is good for you. It contains antioxidants and phytochemicals that help prevent disease. Too much of anything is not

Alecia Fettes

Drinking coffee has been shown to reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes - it is pretty healthy.

Vera Duncan

Caffeine causes sleep disturbances. Don't even think about drinking coffee or other caffeine containing beverages before sleep.

Everything in moderation. Drinking two cups a day is said to help avoid Parkinson's. Negative effects are possible to your heart.

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Is coffee bad for you

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