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Is Obama going to be assasinated?

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Obama and family are under 24-hour guard by squads of elite, heavily armed Secret Service agents. However, threats have been made.

Statistics show that there is only a 20% chance that Obama will be assassinated in his first year of Presidency.

Although this has been a common rumor, the Secret Service will protect him.

Philip Slone

Any president is a target, and the first black president would be an even bigger target. It is possible, but unlikely.

I don't think that it's likely Barack Obama will get assassinated because the secret service is always watching over him.

Molly Furlow

Every President of a Country is in danger of Assassination. He will have many body guards and will hopefully be kept from danger.

Ayanna Lawson

Obama had been threatened early in the campaign, but those threats have ceased. Political figures are always at risk.

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Is Obama going to be assasinated?

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