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my first day haystak lyrics

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Jennie Bee

Sometimes I write about something, that like something I went through Or something my people went through And I felt like they needed some motivational s--- And it usually ends up going something like this... My first day, without you in my life Things felt strange, a bit deranged Even so, I hope you're doin okay Take it slow, you just never know... ( just never know, oh!) Yo, you just never know... nooo (just never know, oh!) You just never know... nooo (just never know, oh!) My systems caught in conniption, stomach in knots Feedin for my medicine, overcoming addiction The first step is quittin, nah the first steps admittin I got a problem, I need help, this is something I can't beat myself I almost felt like I can't be cured Rehab won't take me cuz I ain't insured Layin in the bath tub, shakin like a new born Searchin for the courage it'll take for me to move on I've been livin life like this way too long Beggin God please, bring me home I stopped before, three or four days

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my first day haystak lyrics

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