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Should i cheat on my boyfriend

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Molly Luster

It is never advisable to cheat on your partner. The only way for it to work is to lie, and many people fail.

Communication is vital in relationships! Agree to talk out any problems before cheating, which can be emotionally damaging.

Sally Munoz

How would you feel if he cheated on you? For that matter, if you're going to cheat, why do you need him to be your boyfriend?

Cheating is not a good thing. You should break up first.

I asked my magic 8 ball and it said, "No way!" should you cheat on your boyfriend. If you are not happy, just break up.

If you love your boyfriend, it may not be a good idea If you are having problems try to work them out first

I personally think cheating is wrong on many levels and inst healthy or fair for anyone involved, so I have to say no.

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Should i cheat on my boyfriend

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