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What are Nikis lyrics in BED ROCK?

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Isabell Horseman

In the song Bedrock, Nicki Minaj sings "Ok I Get It, Let Me Think, I Guess It's My Turn, Maybe It's Time To Put This P---- On Ya Sideburns, He Say I?m Bad, He Problly Right, He Pressing Me Like Button Downs On A Friday Night (Ha-ha), I'm So Pretty Like, Be On My Pedal Bike, Be On My Low Starch, Be On My Ecko Whites, He Say Nicki Don't Stop You The Bestest, And I Just Be Coming Off The Top As-best-es.

In "Young Money World" these are Niki's lyrics: ok i get it let me think i guess its my turn maybe its time to put this p---- on your sideburns he said im bad and he probably right he pressing me like buttons down on a friday (haha) im so pretty like me on my pedal bike me on my low scrunch me on my echo whites he said niki dont stop your the bestest and i keep comin off the top as bestest. Rock on and

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What are Nikis lyrics in BED ROCK?

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