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What are the Lyrics to Eminen- 3am

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Cairo Tyler

Ohh ohhh Oh(yea) oh(yea) oh(yea) Ohh ohhh Ohhh Oh(yea) oh(yea) oh(yea) Ohh ohh Oohh Oh(yea) oh(yea) oh(yea) oh(yea)oh(yea) Ohh Woahh There is no escaping (yo)(yooo) There's no place to hide(yooo)(yooo) Yes please someone save me(yo)(yooo) But they don't pave no mind( yooo) (yooo) (Good night) Good bye (Verse 1) Your walkin down a horror corridor It's almost 4 in the mornin And your in a Nightmare It's HORRIBLE Right there's the coroner Waitin for you To turn the corner So he can corner ya Your a goner He's ona ya Out the corner of his cornea He just saw you run All you want is to rest Cause you can't run..MORE?

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What are the Lyrics to Eminen- 3am

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