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What are the lyris to almost love?



Isabell Horseman

Almost Love: Race home, open the door, run upstairs, throw my bag on the floor, log on, 2 seconds later, I get a message from you saying 'hey baby', been going crazy thinking bout you all day, so much to tell you, boy I feel the same way, can't wait to see you, just you and I cuz every night I've been thinking what it would be like. I get a rush, more than a crush, almost love, makes me feel high, every time I think about us. Even though we talk every day I still can't get enough, I'm gonna pause getting kinda close, almost love. I'm 5-6 your 5-10, 14, 15, talk twenty four - seven , 34,24,36, talk twenty four - seven, For-ever, lol, tmi?, talk twenty four - seven, g2g, xox, uhh, uhh, uh, twenty four -seven Give you my number, you call, we were both nervous, nothing at all, I was breathless, you were speechless, said it good to finally hear your voice, started talking, kinda random, said you were a shy boy, for such a fly boy, you said it's you that makes me feel that way, etc

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