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What do frogs/toads eat?

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Kathryn Vincent

Adult frogs follow a carnivorous diet, mostly of arthropods, annelids and gastropods. Frogs are most noticeable by their call, which can be widely heard during the night or day, mainly in their mating season.

Madeline Eaton

Frogs are carnivorous, which means they eat other animals. Small frogs eat insects, worms and snails. Some species eat small fish. Larger frog species eat small reptiles and mammals, like mice and lizards. Frogs do not chew, so all of their prey is swallowed whole. Toads like to eat house flies, and many other small insects,such as moths, spiders, slugs..etc Toads will eat anything that moves and fits in their mouths. Bigger toads can eat pinkie mice, or earthworms and night crawlers.

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What do frogs/toads eat?

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