What do pigs eat

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Lynne Myers

Water is actually the most important part of a pigs diet. Pigs should always have clean water. Pigs should be self-fed which means giving them all the feed they will eat throughout the feeding period. Self-feeding allows a pig to grow as fast as possible. The daily intake of pigs is different. Farm grains such as corn, barley, oats, and wheat make up a balanced diet for a pig. There should be a protein supplement as well as antibacterial supplement added according to the weight of the pig.

Andrew Bastien

On a farm, they eat: corn, barley, wheat and oats

A pig eats food that's high in energy like corn, low in fiber like wheat and supplemented with protein.

Ricky Franklin

Pigs are ultimate omnivore & will eat everything you put in front of them, they even have to attack and take bites out of people.

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What do pigs eat

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