What should i ask for christmas

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Jason Glass

That's really up to you and what you enjoy. Personally, I'm considering either getting a Playstation 4 or upgrading my PC - I'm not really sure which one yet.

Some of the hottest gifts this year are LCD TV, Apple iPod Touch, Nintendo Wii, digital camera, and Hannah Montana items.

Renee Corella

What you ask for this Christmas depends on your personality. Ask for something that makes you happy and that you enjoy.

Stephen Conner

Ask for something you need this year. Like clothes or shoes, try to get something that you really want to have.

Paul Serrano

You should ask for a Playstation 3 or an gift card.

Andrew Guillory

Anything you need...lots of cool stuff out there, new Ipods, flatscreens, etc. Bet you'll get a good deal!

For Christmas how about a new camera or a mp3 player? What does your heart tell your head it might like this year?

You could ask for world peace, a new camera, a new movie, or just some holiday cheer! Visit www.shopping.com for gift ideas.

Vincent Samaniego

I think you should ask for whatever you want and need the most. What about some new clothes, cell phone, or video game?

The best thing to get for Christmas is gift cards. That way, you can get exactly what you want from where you want.

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What should i ask for christmas

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