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What does the name holly mean.

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Lola Davenport

Origin of the name Holly:
Taken from the name of the holly tree, an evergreen whose stiff, glossy, sharp-pointed leaves and clusters of red berries are used in Christmas decorations. The name is derived from the Old English holegn (to prick). The name peaked in the USA in the 1970s.

The name Holly is named after the holly plant with red berries. The origin of the name Holly is English.

Erma Cason

Holly is of Old English origin, and its meaning is "the holly tree".

The name Holly is a popular name of Old English origin. It stands for the holly tree, considered sacred since ancient times.

The meaning of the name Holly is Plant With Red Berries; The origin of the name Holly is English.

The holly is a type of plant with red berries and a serrated leaf edge. This is where the name Holly comes from!

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What does the name holly mean.

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