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What is lip gloss made out of?

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Some ingredients in many lip glosses are: wax, pig fat, fish scales, flavor/fragrance, petroleum jelly, castor oil, & bees wax.

Lanolin wax, Petrolatum, and Lanolin oil are main ingredients in lip glass. No whale blubber!

Lars Austin

Lip gloss is made from oils (mineral or vegetable), lanolin derivatives, or polybutene , waxes & clays.

Lip gloss ingredients vary depending on the company. Common ingredients are emolients (oil), waxes, flavoring and color.

Vincent Samaniego

A basic gloss contains at least one oil--such as castor or mineral--for that emollient texture that lip gloss is known for.

Isabell Horseman

Some ingredients in lip gloss are emollients/shine agents; waxes & clays as thickeners; glitter/colorant; flavor; & preservatives.

Basil Johnson

Lip gloss can be made out of many things. One recipe is 8 oz. sweet almond oil, 1.5-2.5 oz. beeswax, & 1 t. honey.

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What is lip gloss made out of?

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