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What is the Burgerking rap?

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The Burger King rap is a famous video of boys driving through a BK drive through and rapping their order. The lyrics are: OOOOOO good evening girl you hanging out with the king you thinking paul its too late, i dont wanna hear you sing but i gotta get one of them double whoppers to satisfy for desert why dont i have one of em (Beat Boxer in a deep voice: Dutch Apple pies) My mom says i gotta eat healthy and i heard her so why not askin me a salad or maybe a veggie burger but enough of this nonesense baby lets get serious i got a hunger like no other and im kinda curious as to how you people be kickin' them chicken tenders you been cooking it your self? or you be gettin' it from your fenders? yo back to the rap i need food to end my day cuz its burger king baby! and we doin' it my way!

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What is the Burgerking rap?

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