Why are women so complicated

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Graham Falk

Women are complicated because you are focusing on "women" as a group. If you focus on one woman then it isn't so complicated.

Both men and women alike are rather complex. Some just function differently whether it is intentionally or not. -

Timothy Henry

Some 'people' are more complicated than others. perhaps they are trying to be coy, or they are being unfriendly, or mysterious. But it would be nice if people were more open and honest about things. Women are complicated, but I do enjoy most of the other games.

Cody rere

Cause it's like an automatic car it knows what it's doing and how to go most the time but everyone outside can't tell it's changing gears.

Women, as a general rule, think further beyond the surface than men, and sometimes will ove think things. Sometime a woman's friends complicate your happiness. Sometimes you just aren't listening enough.

Women are thought of as complicated because of the differences mentally compared to men.

Gina Baber

Hi! I agree, we can be tough cookies from time to time! The key is figuring out how your communication style matches with theirs! Good luck &

Men are just as much a mystery to women as women are to men. So there is a equal playing field. The trick: Don't think about it

Women are complex creatures because they analyze everything, from guessing your hidden intentions to reading inside words.

what is So simple, yet so complex So weak, yet so powerful So confusing, yet so desirable So damning, yet so wonderful...WOMEN!

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Why are women so complicated

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