Why do dogs have wet noses.

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Some scientists suggest that having cold, wet noses helps the dogs cool down.A little moisture on the nose keeps it cooler.

Danielle Frost

Dogs have wet noses because it is a method of helping them trap odors and scents, aiding in their detection.

Lula Florence

The wet nose helps cool dogs off, for dogs don't have sweat glands and can lose moisture only through the pads of their feet.

Moana Mullen

Most of the time a bright, happy dog will continually lick his nose and so the nose is wet. Happy holidays from

The coldness or dampness of a dog's nose is an indication of his activity level and it's not about his health condition.

Dogs don't sweat and some scientists suggest that the cold, wet noses play a role in keeping dogs cool.

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Why do dogs have wet noses.

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