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Why does obama suck so much?

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Shawn Hildebrand

I don't think Barack Obama sucks at all. I'm sorry you feel that way. Thanks for using

That's your personal opinion. Have anymore questions?

Obama is still new, he does not have a lot of experience in government.

Susana Markus

The reason why you don't like Obama is because you are a McCain supporter.

I'm not sure if Obama sucks or not, that's more a personal opinion matter!

He sucks because you didn't want him to be president and he is going to be.... that's probably why in your opinion.

Amos Tyson

Not everyone feels as if Obama sucks. It is nice to have candidates who reflect the different views of Americans.

Harrison Stevenson

I think Obama is the better candidate, though I don't agree with him on very much. Do you have any specific questions about him?

I guess you don't like Obama because you don't agree with his policies. I don't either. I'm voting for McCain.

Kerryann Boure

He doesn't. Both candidates actually have something excellent to contribute to the country. Too bad they can't work together!

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Why does obama suck so much?

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