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Why do cats purr

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Some cats purr to indicate contentment or pleasure. Some purr when they are frightened.

Lisa Martin

Cats purr to show happiness,comfort,sickness,nervousness or during childbirth. It is common for them to purr near death.

Stephen Webb

Cats purr for different reasons,when kittens are very young, they cant see, smell or hear very well but the vibration from their mother's purr helps them to find.

Lesia Marie

Although it’s easy to assume that cats purr because they’re content, research shows that purring is likely a means of communication and a form of self-healing. Yes, your feline friend purrs when you stroke her fur, but cats also purr when they’re frightened or feel threatened, such as during a visit to the veterinarian.

Andrea Swan

A cat's purr, like their meow, is a form of communication. A mother cat teaches her kittens to purr when they are just a few days old. This helps the deaf and blind newborns locate their mother more easily, and may also serve as an early bonding mechanism.

Morgan Aa

Felines purr at a frequency of 50 to 150 hz. This frequency is known to promote faster healing and better bone density. Cats purr when they feel safe where they know they are free from threats so that they can heal, or when they are ( or believe they are) severely injured, in which case they need to heal at a faster pace.

Basil Johnson

Cats purr to express emotion. They purr when they are content and when they experience great pain. How they purr is a mystery!

Cats purr to let their mothers or humans know that they're warm and happy! If they're purring, you're doing something right!

Keith Worthington

The original function of purring was to enable a kitten to communicate with his mother that things are well.

Lucy Lieb

No one seems to really know exactly why or how cats purr. It seems that purring is sort of a Zen thing. Cats purr because they can

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Why do cats purr

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