1920s Movies

1920s Movies

1920s movies featured many progressive trends including much larger threatres and studios moving away from short films, choosing to focus on feature films. Small studios at this time also began to be bought up by larger studios including Fox, MGM, and Universal.

About 1920s Movies

The 1920s saw a vast expansion of Hollywood film making and worldwide film going. Throughout the decade, film production increasingly focused on the feature film rather than the 'short' or 'two-reeler.' This is a change that had begun with the long D.W. Griffith epics of the mid-1910s. In Hollywood, numerous small studios were taken over and made a part of larger studios, creating the Studio System that would run American film making until the 1960s. MGM (founded in the middle of the decade) and Paramount were the highest-grossing studios during the period, with Fox, Universal, United Artists, and Warner Brothers making up a large part of the remaining market. The 1920s was also the decade of the 'Picture Palaces': large urban theaters that could seat 1-2,000 guests at a time, with full orchestral accompaniment and very decorative design (often a mix or Italian, Spanish, and Baroque styles).

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