ABC Family

ABC Family

ABC Family is a television channel that generally offers contemporary as well as family-oriented programming. It is mainly aimed at teenage girls and young women.

About ABC Family

ABC Family is an American television network, owned by ABC Family Worldwide Inc., a subsidiary of the Disney-ABC Television Group division of The Walt Disney Company. ABC Family offers contemporary and family programming, including off-network syndicated reruns and original series, feature films and Made-for-TV original movies, and some religious programming. The network was founded in 1977 as an extension of televangelist Pat Robertson's Christian television ministry, and eventually evolved into The Family Channel by 1990. In 1998, it was sold to Fox Kids Worldwide Inc. and renamed Fox Family. On October 24, 2001, Fox Family Worldwide Inc was sold to The Walt Disney Company. The sale to Disney included Saban Entertainment and Fox Family. The channel generally offers programming aimed at a wide audience, but primarily features series and movies aimed at teenage girls and young women (age 15-30).

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