AMC (TV Channel)

AMC (TV Channel)

AMC or American Movie Classics is a television channel owned by AMC Network. AMC started out with classic movies only and then moved on to movies from all eras and original programming

About AMC (TV Channel)

AMC is an American cable television specialty channel that primarily airs movies, along with a limited amount of original programming. The letters originally stood for American Movie Classics; since 2002, the full name has been deemphasized as a result of a major shift in programming. AMC is owned by AMC Networks and signed on October 1, 1984. AMC's most successful original series include Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and Hell on Wheels. AMC was originally a premium cable channel that aired classic movies during the afternoons and early evenings, largely pre-1950s, in a commercial-free, generally unedited, uncut, and uncolorized format; the channel was originally a joint venture between Rainbow Media and Tele-Communications, Inc. It was not uncommon for the channel to host a Marx Brothers marathon, or show classics such as the original Phantom of the Opera. In 1987, the channel first became available on basic cable television systems.

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