Apple Computers

Apple Computers

A Mac or Macintosh, is either a desktop or laptop computer designed and developed by Apple Inc. The first Mac was introduced to the public in 1984 and was the first computer to feature a mouse and graphical user interface. Since then Apple has set the industry standard for cutting edge technology, design and user interaction.

About Apple Computers

The first Macintosh computer became available in 1984 and became the first successful personal computer. The original Macintosh was the first computer to include a mouse and the first operating system that applied a graphic user interface opposed to command lines. The Mac brought Apple tremendous success all the way into the early 90's when IBM introduced the PC's running Windows and MS-DOS.

In 1998 Apple released the iMac and the all-in-one computer was a success that revitalized the Mac image. Currently the Macintosh brand is targeted towards home, education and creative professional markets. Apple exclusively creates the Mac Hardware, software, and design without using other company's components. Macintosh computers run a specifically designed and exclusive operating system that cannot be found elsewhere. Although no other computer can run Mac operating systems, Mac computers are capable of running any other OS.

The current Mac computers include the Following
Mac Mini (2005-present)
iMac (1998-present)
Mac Pro (2006-present)
MacBook Air (2008-present)
MacBook (2006-present)
MacBook Pro (2006-present)