Blindness is a condition where one is not able to see. There are various degrees of vision loss with the most severe being total blindness. But being blind has not stopped some people from doing what they love, such as author Helen Keller and opera singer Andre Bocelli. Painter Claude Monet painted one of his most famous murals of water lilies when he was almost completely blind.

About Blindness

Blindness is the condition of lacking visual perception due to physiological or neurological factors. Various scales have been developed to describe the extent of vision loss and define blindness. Total blindness is the complete lack of form and visual light perception and is clinically recorded as NLP, an abbreviation for 'no light perception.' Blindness is frequently used to describe severe visual impairment with residual vision. Those described as having only light perception have no more sight than the ability to tell light from dark and the general direction of a light source. To determine which people may need special assistance because of their visual disabilities, various governmental jurisdictions have formulated more complex definitions referred to as legal blindness.

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