When it comes to boyfriends there are pressing questions to ask and nagging ones which never seem to get answered quickly enough. Since finding a great boyfriend is what this is all about, how do you know if he's worth going after, if he's the one for you and, most importantly, if he's interested in you too?

About Boyfriends

What should I look for in a boyfriend?

Determine what is most important or ideal for you to find in a boyfriend. Are romance, a caring personality, and loyalty important? Write those down. Maybe it's a common interest you want to share and you desire someone that is fun to be with and easy to talk to. Don't be afraid to get specific.

Then ask yourself: what are the deal-breakers? These are the things that if he has even one of them you won't go near him. Sometimes you feel strongly enough about a topic to put 'leans the wrong way politically' or 'is shorter than I am' on the list. But make sure these are that important to you. Remember, what goes on the deal-breaker list should be the characteristics which under no circumstance you would consider dating anyone. Now, keep your eyes out for man who has some of the key characteristics from the first list and who has none of the ones on the second.

How do I know if he's interested in me?

When together, especially alone, people tend to show their interest unconsciously. Other times he's really thoughtfully trying to impress. Look for some of these signs, but also don't get duped by the guy who is just a flirt. Make sure YOU are the only he treats special. Notice his body language. If he rarely turns his back to you, he may not be able to keep his eyes off you. Does he get excited at your interests even though he's unfamiliar with them? Does he compliment you often? Does he show signs of nervousness around you? Does he mimic the way you sit or stand? Do his friends tease him when he's near you (friends are often 'in the know')? If the answer is 'yes,' there are better chances that he is interested. The only way to know for certain, though, is to DTR: define the relationship. When a friendship has gotten unclear, it's important to find out where each of you stands. Maybe he's been thinking the exact same thing all along, and looking for your signs.

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