Brands are the symbols that convey a corporate entity. They are also the associated communications and emotions that surround a company's identity, such as those conveyed in the commercial for Chevy's truck line 'Like a Rock'.

About Brands

The word 'brand' grew out of the custom of branding stock animals with the symbol of the ranch that owned the animals. In the Old West, animals grazed on open range so brands provided a way to sort out one rancher's animals from another. The brands were burned into the animals' hides using a branding iron. Each ranch had distinctive symbols, usually a combination of the initial letters in their companies' names.Today, the word 'brand' refers more commonly to the graphic symbols for a corporation, sometimes known as 'logos', and the associated concepts surrounding that brand that make the company uniquely special in consumers' minds. The most successful companies work hard to build and fulfill on the promises of their brands. The top ten global brands in 2010, according to the branding company Interbrand, are:Coca-ColaIBM MicrosoftGoogleGEMcDonald'sIntel NokiaDisneyHewlett-Packard

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