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Fitted carpet, also wall-to-wall carpet or carpeting, is a carpet intended to cover a floor entirely. Carpet over 4 meters in length is usually installed with the use of a "Power Stretcher" (tubed or tubeless). Fitted carpets offer comfort and some soundproofing, they are however hard to clean, and can trap dirt and mites, sometimes causing allergic reactions. Fitted carpets were originally woven to the dimensions of the specific area they were covering. They were later made in smaller strips, around the time stair carpet became popular, and woven at the site of the job by the carpet fitter. These carpets were then held in place with individually nailed tacks driven through the carpet around the perimeter and occasionally small rings in the carpet which were folded over. The introduction of 'smoothedge' also known as 'tackless strips' or 'gripper strip' simplified the installation of wall-to-wall carpeting, increasing the neatness of the finish at the wall.

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