Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards

Holiday Christmas cards are a traditional way to stay in touch with friends and family. Though electronic communication has largely displaced communication through the mail, many people still enjoy taking the time to write to their oldest and dearest friends during the holidays.

About Christmas Cards

Over 1 billion holiday Christmas cards are sent through the mail each year. Each card contains a little slice of warmth to be opened by a loved one. It is the perfect way to remind someone that you are thinking of them this holiday season.

Most Christmas cards include a photo or picture representative of the holidays. They may show a Christmas tree, nativity scene or Santa Claus. Others will have a wintery theme with snowmen, sledding or a snowy landscape. Inside the card is usually a holiday greeting printed by the manufacturer wishing the recipient a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. Some will leave the inside blank so the sender can write in their own personal greeting.

There are many places at which to buy holiday cards. Some bookstores sell unique cards that won't be found in the larger stores. Box stores like Walmart and Target sell a variety of styles by the box or by the single card. Cards can also be found in department stores, grocery stores and even in pharmacies. Many people will order their cards online where they can add their own personal touch by choosing their own pictures, colors and greetings. Some will even add their own family portrait to their card.

Whatever the card you choose to send, you can be confident that it will be received with a smile. Nothing warms the heart more than opening the mailbox to see that a loved one cares about you.