Classic Movies

Classic Movies

Classic movies or Classic Film can be anything from the Silent Era ' usually considered 1890 - 1929 or anything from the 30's throught the 50's.

About Classic Movies

What is considered a 'Classic Film' depends who you ask. Many feel certain old movies are classic. Some feel certain new movies are classic. In other words everyone has their opinion on what should be considered a 'Classic Film.' You can use the term 'Classic' to describe a film you think is great whether it was made this year or during the 'Silent Era' usually considered 1890 - 1929 . Most film Historians use the term ' Classic Film ' to describe a span of time beginning in the early 1930's through the late 1950's. Many have called this period the 'Golden Age' of Hollywood. So you could lump all the films during this period as the 'Classic Film' period. That doesn't mean all the films made during this period were the best of all time.

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