Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers are a professional basketball team in Cleveland, Ohio. They were one of the expasion teams in 1970.

About Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers (also known as the Cavs) are an American professional basketball team based in Cleveland, Ohio. They began playing in the National Basketball Association (NBA) in 1970 as an expansion team. They play their home games at Quicken Loans Arena. The Cavaliers have featured many NBA stars during its history, including draft picks turned All-Stars Austin Carr, Brad Daugherty, Mark Price, and LeBron James. Past NBA greats such as Nate Thurmond, Walt 'Clyde' Frazier, and Shaquille O'Neal also played in Cleveland (albeit near the end of their careers). The team has had moderate success in its history, winning three Central Division Championships (1976, 2009, 2010), an Eastern Conference Championship in 2007, and 18 total playoff seasons.

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