Coffee shops

Coffee shops

Coffee shops in the US came from the espresso and pastry Italian coffeehouses of the Italian American immigrants. For a time coffee shop was a family-style restaurant that served full meals, but during the 90's it transformed into a true coffee house such as Starbucks. Coffee shops go way back, for instants the first coffee shop in the city of Constantinople was in 962. That is when Hakam from Aleppo and Shams from Damascus come to the city, where they opened a large shop in the Tahtakale district, and began to sell coffee.

About Coffee shops

A coffeehouse or coffee shop is an establishment which primarily serves prepared coffee or other hot beverages. It shares some of the characteristics of a bar, and some of the characteristics of a restaurant, but it is different from a cafeteria. As the name suggests, coffeehouses focus on providing coffee and tea as well as light snacks. Many coffee houses in the Middle East, and in West Asian immigrant districts in the Western world, offer shisha (nargile in Turkish and Greek), flavored tobacco smoked through a hookah. From a cultural standpoint, coffeehouses largely serve as centers of social interaction: the coffeehouse provides social members with a place to congregate, talk, write, read, entertain one another, or pass the time, whether individually or in small groups of 2 or 3.

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