Commercials are one of advertising's most important ways to get their message across. In the age of the internet, a TV commercial can go viral and millions can see it free, extending the reach of the paid commercial.

About Commercials

Commercials are one of the most impactful advertising media. Television reaches over 90% of the country’s population, so many commercials are made for TV. However, reaching a specific target is more difficult. That's why advertisers often make commercials designed to be spread far and wide on the internet.

In the age of the internet, TV commercials can serve double and triple duty: A hot commercial can go 'viral' and be served free on the internet and YouTube to consumers millions of times! Best of all they are seen by people who are actually seeking them out on the internet so the impact is much greater than an intrusive commercial.

-How to watch funny commercials-
There are websites for the funniest commercials, Super Bowl commercials, Hillshire Farms commercials and even television shows about TV commercials. The easiest way to find a commercial is to go to the YouTube website and type in the name of the product whose commercial you are looking for. You'll soon see plenty of videos there to watch.

Some of the funniest commercials can be seen on YouTube. Super Bowl commercials tend to be humorous, often feature hot girls and beer, and are actually anticipated as much as the big game itself. Other popular commercials include Gieco, featuring both the hilarious Geico Cave Men and the Geico Gekko; the Old Spice commercials featuring Isaiah Mustafa and the funny Allstate commercials. Type in Old Spice Guy into YouTube and you'll see all the versions. Watching YouTube commercials is a great way to see some of the most creative commercials being made.

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