Converse (shoe company)

Converse (shoe company)

Converse (pronounced: Cahnvurse) is an American shoe and clothing company. Founded in 1908, Converse is one of the oldest shoe companies in the United States and its logo is permanently engraved in pop culture. In 2010 the company also launched a line of clothing.

About Converse (shoe company)

Converse is an American shoe and clothing company, which opened for business in 1908 in Malden, Massachusetts.

Converse originally began as a rubber shoe sole company that provided winterized soles to men, women and children during the early 1900's. It wasn't until 1915 that the company actually began producing tennis athletic shoes for men, and by 1917, the first Converse athletic basketball shoe hit the market, which began a shoe revolution!

In the 1940's, Converse participated in creating supplies for the troops in World War 2. Products shipped included parkas and other types of clothing and shoes. It wasn't until the 1970's when the real 'hype' about the All-Star shoe line began. Converse started marketing the line through High School year books and to other targeted audiences.

In 2001, due to fierce competition between other shoe brands, Converse filed for bankruptcy. In 2003 Nike bought Converse for over $300 million.

Fast forward to today and Converse is producing millions of shoes each year and still sporting the genuine All-Star look the line did in the 70's. It has even started producing a clothing line. Converse has proven to be an enduring American icon.