Dale Winton

About Dale Winton

Dale Winton (born 22 May 1955) is an English radio DJ and television presenter. Winton's father, Gary, died when Winton was 13, on the day of Winton's bar mitzvah. Winton was brought up by his mother, actress Sheree Winton. Sheree was often referred to as 'the English Jayne Mansfield'. She committed suicide by drug overdose in 1976, after a lifelong battle with clinical depression. Winton started DJ'ing in clubs in Richmond in 1972, where he met Steve Allen. The two have remained best friends since. From there he had a selection of menial jobs including selling time shares abroad. In 1982, Winton moved to London and began his entertainment career on the London club circuit, where he DJ'd at weekends. This led him to United Biscuits Industrial Radio where he did a variety of jobs, before getting his own morning show.

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