Daniel Tosh

Daniel Tosh

Comedian Daniel Tosh prides himself being as politically incorrect as prudently possible, often toeing the line of going too far with the shock value humor. He engages primarily in his unique brand of observational comedy, in which he cheerfully delivers edgy material while maintaining a clear sense of irony. He released his fist stand-up comedy album in 2005, titled ‘True Stories I Made Up.’ He worked his way up the ranks and his first stand-up special, ‘Daniel Tosh: Completely Serious,’ was aired on Comedy Central in 2007. In 2009, he landed a hosting gig for his own Comedy Central series, ‘Tosh.0.’ In the show, Tosh comments on humorous videos from the Internet, often delivering punch-lines that are purposely racist, sexist, or homophobic. Tosh has stepped on a few toes over the years, and he caught some flack during a controversy in 2012 in which an audience member at one of his stand-up shows took offense at a joke he made about rape, for which he later apologized.

About Daniel Tosh

Daniel Dwight Tosh (born May 29, 1975) is an American stand-up comedian. He hosts the Comedy Central television show Tosh.0. Tosh was born in Boppard, Rhineland-Palatinate, West Germany but grew up in Titusville, Florida, the son of a preacher. After graduating from Astronaut High School in 1993, Tosh attended the University of Central Florida, graduating in December 1996 with a degree in marketing. Among his first jobs was a telemarketer at Central Florida Research Park. He said later, 'Hey, $15 an hour to annoy people! I really was not preparing myself for the future at all. I had interviews lined up. I sat through one real interview and I was like, 'I wouldn't hire me.' I left halfway through the orientation. That's the closest thing I ever got to a real job.' Tosh moved to Los Angeles, but attributes his decision to work in comedy to being raised in Florida, which he considers 'flat, hot, and dumb'.

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