Dead Rising (video game)

Dead Rising (video game)

Dead Rising is a zombie killing game from Capcom where players take on the role of Frank West, a man trapped in a mall with hordes of zombies trying to kill him. Grab any object and use it as a weapon to beat down the zombies as Frank waits out the zombie horde.

About Dead Rising (video game)

Dead Rising is a survival horror video game, developed by Capcom.. It was released on August 8, 2006 for the Xbox 360 video game console. It has been introduced into the Xbox 360 "Platinum Hits" lineup, and a cell phone spin-off has been released. The sequel, Dead Rising 2, has been developed by Blue Castle Games alongside many of the previous developers of Dead Rising and was released in September 2010.

Dead Rising's main character is Frank West, a photojournalist who ends up trapped in a shopping mall in the fictional town of Willamette, Colorado, that is infested with zombies. Frank must defend himself from zombie attacks, rescue survivors, contend with crazed psychopaths, and stay alive while still attempting to uncover the truth behind the incident. The player controls Frank as he explores the mall, using any available object as a weapon. Players can wander aimlessly around the mall killing zombies, trying on clothes and doing whatever they like. The game has many different endings and players need not do any missions to finish the game.

Dead Rising is a fun, almost mindless zombie-killing game. So get ready to pick up a clothes rack and beat down zombies by the food court!