Drug Rehabilitation

Drug Rehabilitation

Drug rehab is a place that many drug addicts would go to if they had the money. Funds for drug rehab facilities are far short of what is needed. In Drug Rehab, the addict goes through detox, joins group therapy, and learns how to stay clean and sober.

About Drug Rehabilitation

Drug rehab is the term used to describe rehabilitation by means of medical and/or psychotherapy of a person who is addicted to drugs or alcohol. The rehabilitation can be done through in-patient treatment, outpatient treatment, support groups or recovery centers.

What happens in Detox
The person must stop using the drug they are addicted to. When the drug is denied withdrawal will begin. Symptoms of withdrawal include nausea, sweating, heart rate increase, tremors, anxiety, depression and paranoia. Often, when the drug user experiences these symptoms they attempt to seek a way to stop the symptoms and commonly return to the drug they were trying to rid themselves of to make the pain and discomfort go away. For this reason, and for safety reasons as some withdrawals can be life threatening, it is recommended that a person remain in a detox center under professional supervision until the withdrawal symptoms have passed and detox is completed.

What Happens in Drug Rehab:
The next step is to begin treatment to aid the person in recovery and help them to withstand the urges to go back to their drug of choice. Sometimes medications are prescribed. Counseling will begin and can be done on an individual basis or in a group setting. The goal is to reestablish healthy behaviors and help the individual learn to cope with situations that will arise that may make them want to turn to drugs. Often, drug users believe that the drugs will take their emotional pain away. That belief must be reversed as the consequences and side effects from drug use often cause more pain. Counseling should extend for a long period of time after drug use has stopped to fully work and help a person change their habits and behaviors.

Curing Drug Addiction
Drug addiction is a lifelong battle. No one is "cured" from it. Often drug rehab becomes a permanent thing in a former drug user’s life. Many will continue to attend support groups long after the urges to use drugs are gone. Support groups help them to not fall back into old habits but also give them a chance to give back and help someone else recover as well. Talking to someone who has been through what you are going through is very beneficial. It is also good for a person to see another who has won the battle, proving that even though rehab and recovery can be hard and painful there is hope and good things lie ahead.

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