Family Guy

Family Guy

'Family Guy' is an Emmy Award-winning animated comedy on FOX which revolves around the adventures and mishaps of the Griffin family. Peter, Lois, Meg, Chris, Brian the talking dog, and the devious baby Stewie star in this laugh out loud comedy.

About Family Guy

'Family Guy' is famous for its random sense of humor. In the city of Qohog, Rhode Island, the Griffin family has a maniacal British-accented baby named Stewie who is always trying to kill Lois, his mother, Meg, who is a forgotten and rejected daughter with low self-esteem, a won't-amount-to-anything son named Chris, and also a sophisticated talking dog named Brian. Stewie and Brian usually stray away from the family and go out on their own adventures. But it is Peter's idiotic behavior which is the focus of the series. With his three friends, Cleveland (the token black guy), Quagmire (a sexual deviant), and Joe (a police officer and paraplegic), Peter causes the fuss on the show, ruining his family's life and even on occasion killing historical figures. Really, anything is possible on 'Family Guy.'

Peter's counterpart, though, is Lois, the voice of reason. She always protests his wild ideas, but he is usually too belligerent to care. The nice thing about 'Family Guy' is that, even if Peter holds the President of the United States ransom for a cargo plane full of Twinkies, none of that even matters by the next scene. The show is famous for its hilarious, nonsensical, and usually offensive cutaways and flashback sequences. The characters are also known to break out into Fred Astaire-style song and dance routines. It is this style of humor that has made 'Family Guy' one of the most popular comedies on television.

Although 'Family Guy' was canceled after its second and third seasons, the series returned for a fourth and since then has remained on the air. The series has been adapted into video games, comic books, and other merchandise, and a movie has been in the works. 'Family Guy' also spawned the spin-off animated series 'The Cleveland Show.'

The series has been nominated for 17 Emmy Awards, of which it has won four.

Genre: Animated Comedy
Series Premiere: December 20, 1998
Network: FOX
Creator: Seth MacFarlane
Production Company: Fuzzy Door Productions, 20th Century Fox Television

'Family Guy' Stars the Voices of:
Seth MacFarlane as Peter Griffin, Stewie Griffin, Brian Griffin, Glenn Quagmire, etc.
Alex Borstein as Lois Griffin
Seth Green as Chris Griffin
Mila Kunis as Meg Griffin
Mike Henry as Cleveland Brown
Patrick Warburton as Joe Swanson